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Oracle Standard Edition 2 Proc (L103399)

  • Číslo výrobce L103399
  • Číslo Bechtle 4036845
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Kč 293 611,00 * bez DPH
Kč 355 269,31 **

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Dostupnost: Dodací lhůta: do 20 pracovních dní
Typ: Licence Oracle, Segment: Oracle Commercial, Jazyk produktu: Angličtina, Platforma: Multi platforma  Detailní popis

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The latest generation of the world's number 1 database, Oracle Database 12c is available on a choice of platforms. Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition comes with more than 500 new features including a new architecture that simplifies the process of consolidating databases onto the cloud, enabling customers to manage many databases as one without changing their applications.

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    Typ: Licence Oracle
    Segment: Oracle Commercial
    Jazyk produktu: Angličtina
    Platforma: Multi platforma

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