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Compulocks iPad BrandMe Tablet Stand (140B213EXENB)

  • Číslo výrobce 140B213EXENB
  • Číslo Bechtle 984210

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Dostupnost: ihned
Použití: tablet, Barva: černá, typ produktu: stojan  Detailní popis

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Custom-printable Brand Me tablet stand
For Apple iPad 2/3/4, Air and Air 2
Lockable (2 keys included), high grade aluminium enclosure with floor stand
Displays your iPad in both portrait and landscape format and can be tilted up to 135°
Text can be printed individually on both the front and back side
Printable surface dimensions: 15.24 x 95.89 cm
Visible surface width: 12.7 cm (see image 3)
Compulocks/Bechtle do not offer any printing services.
The charger cable is lead through the inside of the stand to the power source.
The stand can be fastened to the ground with the use of screws and the holes that have been prebored.
Removable home button cover.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 111.7 x 33.0 x 27.9 cm
Weight: 7.0 kg
Material: Steel

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    Technické údaje

    Použití: tablet
    Barva: černá
    typ produktu: stojan
    Záruka výrobce: 2 roky bring-in (detaily viz webové stránky výrobce)

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    Compulocks iPad BrandMe Tablet Stand
    • Číslo výrobce 140W213EXENW
    • Číslo Bechtle 984211
    Dostupnost: ihned
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